Rates & Packages

Treadmill Training

Semi-private training that focuses on skating technique, stride development, stickhandling, and passing skills. Training is run with 2 players for 60 minutes.

  • 1 Session: $37.10 player*
  • 5-Session Pass: $156.88 player*
  • 10-Session Pass: $291.50 player*

Treadmill / Ice Program

This program offers players our “10 session” treadmill protocol training, plus additional 5 “on-ice” lessons. This program is a great way to transition a player from mill training to the ice.

  • 15 Session Package: $397.50*

Shooting Lesson

Our shooting lessons are a great way for players to receive 1x1 instruction on the fine details of shooting. Players of all ages and skill levels can benefit from our shooting instruction sessions.

  • 30 min. Lesson: $25.00

BASE Hockey Custom Fit Sticks

Players will work with one of our coaches to discover the best stick to fit their needs. Our sticks are made of the finest quality graphite for the best "Feeling" stick on the market. We find the proper shaft, along with the blade curve and lie that fits each player. Add a custom graphics package and the plan is complete.

  • Custom “Quick Fit” (30min):  $25.00

A BASE certified fitter determines your optimum lie, pattern, shaft and flex.

  • BASE Pro-Fitting (60min): $50.00

We utilize our high-speed camera to capture your shot for analysis, and then a certified BASE fitter determines your optimum lie, pattern, shaft, and flex.

On-Ice Lessons With Coach

  • 1hr. private lesson: $100.00                        
  • 2-4 players per lesson: $50.00

*Training passes expire 60 days after purchase. Please follow our 24 hour cancellation policy. Note: If you miss an appointment and do not follow the 24 hour cancellation policy your account will automatically be debited for the session. Prices shown include 6% PA. sales tax.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session please contact us.

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