“I brought my son in to see your place before Christmas, as soon as we walked in we saw you and you had a smile on your face and welcomed us to your shop. That stuff goes a long way with people. Meeting you for the first time and I could tell that you love what you do and want to help kids with Hockey. I was impressed with how professional you and your staff were. I came back the next day with my 7 year old son and you fit him in for a 30 minute session, he was nervous with how it was all set up but seemed to get more comfortable with it as time went on. My son loves hockey and that’s all he wants to do, I would like to get him as much training as I can!  Thank you for your help.”
— Dan W.

“Thank you for inviting my son to attend your camp this summer.  He really enjoyed the camp and has shown a lot of improvement both in his game and with his confidence. We are really excited to see how it translates in his play this season.  He enjoyed spending time with all the assistants and I think they are very good role models for the players to look up to and to learn from.  Thanks again for all the attention and time you have spent with our son, he also looks up to you coach Dave and he knows you have his best interest in mind.”
— Ron D.

“Bauer Hockey Training has taken my son’s skating, stride, balance, and conditioning to another level. He was able to see a significant difference is just a few sessions. The workout that he gets from each session is a bonus. One the ice, he is able to generate the power and speed with half the effort then before and his shifts in the 3rd period are just as strong and solid as the 1st. Dave is a great coach and motivator and my son looks forward to the each and every session!”
— Fred C.

“My two sons (ages 9 and 14) have been taking lessons from Dave for about six months now.  Already after the first month I could see the difference!  Dave is an incredible coach with amazing hockey skills and a very impressive coaching ability!  I would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking to take their skating to a higher level.”
— Tom S.

“As a parent, I struggle observing my sons take clinic after clinic and not learning anything and making the same mistakes over and over again.  After 2 or 3 times with the staff at Bauer Hockey, I could see the dramatic improvement is both of my son’s play and skating ability.  Dave has the ability to correct mistakes by not only teaching but explaining why things have to be done a certain way.  Top notch hockey and skating instruction.  Thank you Bauer Hockey.”
— Mark R.